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Lotus Centre is a not-for-profit organization which was founded to meet a community need for specialized music education. 


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Who We Help

We work with students from ages two years to adult who have developmental disorders or learning disabilities as well as those with a gifted learning profile.


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How We Help

Lotus Centre is unique in offering music lessons by teachers who specialize in working with students with special needs. 


  • NAC Music Circle Workshop at Woodroffe High School

    Thanks to the National Arts Centre for producing this wonderful video! This clip highlights some work we did with the General Learning Program at Woodroffe High School as part of our ongoing Music Circle collaboration.

  • Upcoming presentation at the World Congress of Audiology

    Executive Director Dr. Erin Parkes and voice teacher Sarah Tomaszweski are looking forward to presenting at the World Congress of Audiology in Vancouver this month! Erin and Sarah will present "Would singing lessons serve to provide improvement of pitch and timing in the auditory brainstem? A pilot study." This research project, in collaboration with Dr. Caryn Bursch of APD Ottawa and Dr. Amineh Koravand of University of Ottawa, involves providing six months of voice lessons with a curriculum specifically developed to improve pitch and timing issues in children with auditory processing disorder. Preliminary results are very promising! The study is ongoing--if you have a child with APD and are interested in participating, please contact us!

  • Dr. Erin Parkes Presents at ISME!

    Executive Director Dr. Erin Parkes and voice/piano teacher Sarah Tomaszweski attended the Special Commission on Music Therapy and Music Education of the International Society of Music Educators Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland from July 20-23. Dr. Parkes was honoured to present a paper entitled "Teaching Music Educators to Teach Students with Autism" and a workshop entitled "ADAPT: A Comprehensive Model for Special Music Education in a Private Lesson Setting". Both Erin and Sarah were excited to be part of this commission and exchange ideas with the most respected special music educators in the world! We're looking forward to the next conference in 2018!

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The Symbol of the Lotus Flower

Our educational philosophy is reflected by the symbol of the lotus flower. Our goal is to help all students blossom into their full potential. We believe that every child has the right to appropriate education in any endeavour they choose to pursue.

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