Erin is passionate about helping children with special needs. For the past 1.5 years my son Jordan (autism, global developmental delay) has been having private lessons with Erin. Erin has shown a great ability to really understand Jordan. She has designed lessons which engage Jordan and allow him participate to the maximum of his ability. Jordan really enjoys his music lessons. He has benefitted tremendously and has developed a strong appreciation for music.
David, Lotus Centre parent
My 5 year-old daughter with an exceptionality began individual lessons with Erin Parkes last fall. I have been very impressed with Erin’s ability to be flexible and patient with my daughter and her (sometimes challenging) behavior. Erin has been able to capitalize on my daughter’s interest in singing and music to engage her and motivate her. Erin’s lessons incorporate the teaching of many important skills besides music, such as turn taking and following instruction. We believe that our daughter has greatly benefitted from her lessons with Erin and would highly recommend Erin as a teacher to any child.
Dina, Lotus Centre parent
I would like to tell you what music means to me. I always wanted to play a musical instrument but didn’t think I could learn piano. I love music so much because it makes me feel like I have found my inner core. That is what music means to me.
Tanya E., Lotus Centre student

Amongst staff there was an impressive detailed knowledge about each participants’ form of intellectual disability and an informed knowledge on how to work successfully with each individual… Programmes are not only tailored to targeted music development but also respond to the ‘sensory’ needs of the child. By giving the individual specific goals for learning in a non-school environment with defined thresholds of safe sensory perception participants are able to develop self-esteem and social interaction in a customized supported environment where they feel able to take risks and feel safe.

Dr. Deirdre Gribbin, Trinity College, Cambridge

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